A component system for model transformations

Welcome to Bentō

Bentō is a component system for model transformations based on the idea of generic model transformations. In Bentō a simple component consists of a transformation template written some transformation language (e.g., ATL) and one or more concepts that describe the interface of the component. A concept is similar to a meta-model, but its elements (classes, references, attributes) are interpreted as variables that need to be bound to elements of specific meta-models. A component is adapted to a specific context by writing a specification describing how to bind a concept to specific meta-models. The adaptation makes the transformation template applicable to the concrete meta-models.


There is still little documentation, but the following resources are available:

Authors and Contributors

Bentō has been created by the Miso research group.

Support or Contact

If you have any trouble installing or using Bentō, you can contact jesus dot sanchez dot cuadrado at uam dot es